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POW! Sync & Flow

Creature of habit? Sorry, wrong address. Our work is about as routine as an exploding supernova. POW! From one moment to the next we rethink and shift approaches in response to new challenges. We are always moving. Yet we embrace change while being true to ourselves.

We are in total sync with our vision, our market and an inclusive team. We believe in togetherness with no borders while powering into the future. And then we celebrate our successes!

Actioning our Values

We unite

We unite and tear down the walls that stand in the way of strong cooperation in our powerful network and in our company. This requires trust, and we, as a leading company in our industry, take the first step to create an environment of trust among ourselves and with our customers.

We trust

We trust in the benefits of working with people who bring a variety of cultural backgrounds, experiences, styles, perspectives and benefits. We respect each other, have fun, and remain open and willing to improve.

We are force multipliers

We have fun and give positive energy to strengthen each other so that everyone can reach their full potential. As a strong force of positive energy-givers and force multipliers, we have the best prerequisites to be the leader in our industry and to bring transportation in sync with the world.

We transform

Our task is to understand what customer focus really means for our customers. We are the transformers who lead the way and create real value for our customers. We are change agents and help our customers to meet the challenges in the world we live today.

We make it happen

We go one step further than just being doers. We just like what we do, we work passionately for our purpose and we make it happen. We make it happen for our customers and for us.

Transform yourself

At Transporeon we embrace transformation and change in total sync with one another. We rethink, reinvent and rework ideas from one moment to the next – as many times as is necessary to get the job done right. That’s how we respond to the new challenges that we face each and every day. And regardless of whether you are just starting your career or are already a pro – we believe you can be the transformation. Are you ready?


Be true to transformation - Because you make the world of transportation a world of transparency

Always one step ahead: Ewa – Key Account Manager, transforming since 2013

I was already very curious and tech-savvy as a child. I learned how to solder from my father and how to use and operate a personal computer from my brother. My mother also had a strong influence on me and encouraged me to learn foreign languages. Therefore, after graduating from high school, I went from Poland to Germany for a year as an au pair. I never stopped developing myself – privately as well as professionally. From tourism management studies to two postgraduate degrees in logistics, supply chain/management and IT to my first sales job in the logistics industry.

You want to know where I get the power? My secret is sports, especially basketball and speed skating. Falling and losing shapes you as a human being. Sports build character – my character!

IT Project Management:

Transform ideas into action - Because you are the logic in the logistic

Leap in the dark: Tom – IT-Project Manager, transforming since 2018

I often moved from one school to another, because I and my family moved frequently. Very early on I had contact with different people with different views and backgrounds. I was able to connect relatively quickly as I quickly learned to adapt to my new environment. As a child, I did not know that this would become one of my strengths. Today, I love the leap in the dark.

My circle of friends has always been diverse. I have enjoyed tinkering with computers as much as I have enjoyed socializing with the popular people at school. I always found this variety very interesting. That's how I brought people together.

I studied business information systems. After graduation I started to work as a developer. However, I realized that I don't really enjoy pure programming in the long run. You know, I'm just not a pure programmer.

At Transporeon I have found what I am looking for. Here you can find different backgrounds and cultures. Transporeon is so diverse. In my role as an IT-Project Manager, I can now do what I did when I was a little boy. Mediate!

Software Development:

Transform ideas into action - Because your code minimize the footprint of logistics

From dropout to technical manager: Sebastian, IT, transforming since 2013

I started coding very early and built my own computer games as a kid. At the same time, I neglected school and often skipped class. French and Latin were not my strong points at school. I then took a chance via a second educational path to get my high school diploma, putting coding in the background so as not to be left behind socially and professionally. Later, I studied history and sociology and, after various internships and a year as a full-time dad, I ended up back where I feel most comfortable: in IT.

At first, I only programmed websites for friends or my own gaming blog. But soon I knew that I wanted to turn my hobby into a profession and looked for an apprenticeship. Among others, at Transporeon.

Although the application deadline had already passed, I was invited to an interview, because the Hiring Manager in charge had a soft spot for my blog. We immediately hit it off and since then I've had several positions within the company. Through my continuous development, I went from IT-Trainee to software developer, transformed myself to Co-Team lead and later to Technical Manager at Transporeon — a transformation à la Transporeon, I would say.


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Bewerbung für die Position "Key Account Manager"
Sehr souveräne, kompetente und freundliche Unternehmensdarstellung. Das Gespräch mit Thomas Biendl vermittelt eine Motivation, im Transporeon Team arbeiten zu wollen. Offener und ehrlicher Austausch per TEAMS. Eines der sympathischsten Interviews, die ich bislang geführt habe.
Applicant feedback from April 11, 2022
God experience overall, but bad phone quality
Unfortunately the quality of the audio through the cellphone was not good, and the conversation was not easy to understand. All other aspects of the interview were good
Applicant feedback from April 5, 2022
Gutes erstes Gespräch
Super Gespräch. Kurz, alles wichtige dabei.
Applicant feedback from April 5, 2022
Toller Bewerbungsprozess
Ich wurde von einem externen Personalberater bei Transporeon vorgestellt. Ab diesem Zeitpunkt war die Kommunikation durchgehend freundlich, zuvorkommend, transparent und sehr professionell.
Applicant feedback from April 4, 2022
Great experience
Everything was on high level.
Applicant feedback from April 2, 2022
Transporeon Interview
The Interviewer was very friendly and questions were to the point. I'd have preferred a video interview, but it was okay on the phone. I was very pleased in general.
Applicant feedback from April 1, 2022
Professional interview
Fast response to online application. Brief 30min introduction interview was very helpful and a good way to break the ice I was missing a little more clarification on the 2 positions available
Applicant feedback from March 31, 2022
Streamlined experience
I was quite happy with simple and streamlined experience during my communications with Transporeon recruiting
Applicant feedback from March 30, 2022
Everything was excellent.
Applicant feedback from March 29, 2022
Sehr sehr angenehmes Gespräch!!
Das Gespräch fing sehr entspannt an die Interviewer waren sehr lustig drauf, dadurch wurde mir meine Nervosität genommen. Immer wieder ging man auf allgemeine Themen ein was ebenfalls sehr gut war. Auch die Informationen über das Unternehmen und die Tätigkeit die man hat wurden sehr genau beschrieben, wobei ich denke dass man sowieso gut eingelernt wird. Auf die letzte Frage die wahrscheinlich immer gestellt wird kann man sich nicht vorbereiten wenn man es nicht weiß, was aber sehr lustig und gleichzeitig meines Erachtens nach bedeutend war. Vielen Dank dafür:)
Applicant feedback from March 25, 2022
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